Sunday, October 11

Wedding Tips

1. Write your own vows. No please don’t see this as another “task” to add to your never ending list of things to do. What's better then your own vows that you wrote that has your heart and soul poured into it?

2. Secure all necessary permits where the photographers and videographers will shoot. Videographers and photographers need permission to shoot in most places. Telling them it’s for your wedding usually doesn’t work out so be prepared and receive all permits. It’s better to be safe then to be sorry later on.

3. Clear out everybody behind the Bride when she enters the church, no coordinators, couturiers, security guards, chaffeurs, kids etc.

We want that moment to be clutter free and full of emotion. Heck, it’s a once in a lifetime moment!

4. Walk slowly. Very slowly down the aisle. We want to capture every single moment to count. If everyone walks fast down the aisle it feels as if everything is being rushed. Everyone should take a deep breathe and just enjoy the moment.

5. Ask the music ensemble at the church NOT to play anything during the vows and rings exchange. Not only will this make the rites more solemn but it will also lend us greater flexibility in editing the footage (ie. no classical music or an instrumental annoyingly mixing with your choice of background music later on). Make them cry because of the moment.

6. Allow us to light the reception venue. A compromise can always be arrived to preserve the ambience and to adequately see whoever’s on stage.

Always remember that what looks good to the eye might not look good on camera. Always ask for advice or suggestions when you’re meeting with your videographer or photographer.

7. Have a first/last dance. It looks great on pictures and video. Don't be too conscious of the people around you or our cameras. Just look deep into each others eyes and think of how much you love each other and how great your lives will be together.

8. If you have a presentation during your reception, please RENT an HD projector from a professional. It really doesn’t cost that much more. And you are saved from the hassle of setting up the equipment, figuring which cable end goes where, getting disappointed because the resolution and projection quality is poor. Rent, rent rent! Don’t borrow from the office nor bring your personal one. You never know when those expensive bulbs will blow out. If you need advice on which equipment to rent, always ask your videographer (if their providing something to play) or your wedding coordinator.

9. When you are starting to get ready always tell your makeup artist to setup where there is a maximum amount of natural light. Artificial light is good but nothing can beat natural light. Your natural skin tone looks so much better under natural light!

10. Turn off all music when you are getting ready. We understand that music adds a certain vibe during the getting ready but when music is blasting through the speakers our sensitive mics can't pick up the conversations that are going on inside the room. Everything and anything during the wedding day is an opportunity to pick up great audio to use in your feature film or your highlight films. If there is music blasting we won't be able to use the audio during the getting ready portion of your day.

Tuesday, May 22

New Website! & Blog

We have created a brand new website so that our couples will be able to navigate easily.  Our new website now has a built in blog, our blogspot blog will not be updated anymore.  Please follow the link below to view our recent work and to check out our new website!!!

Website: Cloud 9 Cinematography
Blog: Cloud 9 Cinematography Blog

Thank you for stopping by!  Be sure to check out the links above and don't forget to share with your friends!!!

Tuesday, April 17

What is a Glidecam Shot?

Glidecam is a hand-held stabilizing system. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of meticulous shifting of the counter weights to make sure the camera is perfectly balanced.

What does it do exactly? It allows us to create kickass, dynamic shots for your wedding! We can run, go up stairs, circle around and capture very low angle shots without it looking like a handheld home video. We use a plethora of stabilizing equipment but there nothing more dynamic then our Glidecam's.

You know those cool flyby shots we have in our films, that's a Glidecam shot. Check out the video below and you'll see what we're talking about.

Tuesday, March 27

Little Black Book Blog (Style Me Pretty)

We are honored to announce that Anne + Cory's wedding has been featured on Little Black Book Blog (Style Me Pretty). Their wedding was certainly a beautiful wedding and there was ALOT of hard work put into it. Please follow the link below to view their feature page. Their wedding film by Cloud 9 and photo's by Jasmine Star are posted and they look amazing!

Little Black Book Blog (Style Me Pretty)

Saturday, February 25

Kalena + Brian

Kalena, she just review on my yelp page. thank you Kalena.

When I was planning my wedding, hiring a 'videographer' was the last thing on my list of things to pay for. 6 months after my wedding, I realized that I didn't hire a videographer, I hired a cinematographer, and can confidently say this would be the first thing that I would recommend anyone to make room in the budget for.

Cloud9 is the most professional, hard working, and kind sort of company that I wish all other companies would strive to be. They are flexible, don't nickel and dime you, and give you results beyond what you could hope for.

I had searched far and wide for someone to film our wedding and had nearly given up on the idea altogether when my fiance stumbled upon their work online. I was riveted immediately and made an appointment to see them. We went over plans, packages, ideas, and I booked them right on the spot, without even consulting my fiance. Trust me, the are geniuses!

The day of my wedding Cloud 9 brought a crew and just spread out! It was awesome to see the intensity of their passion and the technology they maintained! They only have top of the line equipment!

A few months later I got an email with my wedding trailer. Yes, trailer. Not highlight, not clip, not any other word that other companies call their short version of a wedding video. It was as if I was watching a trailer on TV for an awesome movie about to be released. The HD quality, the tiny details, the focus...I cried like a baby! And everyone else I showed cried too! My husband was speechless! The trailer was able to evoke so much from the viewer that we were doubting the real video could be any better.

Alas, another few weeks go by and we receive this large package in the mail. I opened a beautiful box to see the carefully crafted arrival of our wedding movie. Inside was a bag of popcorn next to several copies of our dvd (that looked like real movie boxes, none of that sticker label stuff...everything was lasered on, top notch!), and a lovely leather box that contained our copy of the movie, along side some photos from our wedding day. This is the type of personal touch that separates a company made of people who love and care about what they do, versus a company that is all about money.

Cloud 9 has given me a lifetime of happiness with their creativity. I am able to revisit moments of my wedding, and see things that I had missed during all the chaos of the day. I watch our video ALL THE TIME! So don't think you won't ever watch it and it's just a waste of money. If it's good, oh, you will watch it! I think fondly of Cloud9 all the time and wish that I had the right words to express how grateful I am for them. If you don't book them for your wedding or any other special occasion, you are cheaping yourself of beautiful memories of your life.

They are worth every penny and more. If I had known how amazing their work would have turned out, I would have gladly paid double! That's how priceless their creations are. I hope all the readers get to experience life through the lens of Cloud9.

Kalena + Brian from Jason Kim on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 7

Juliana + David wedding Highlight

Juliana + David wedding Highlight

This wedding was absolutely beautiful! The reception was held in a beautifully decorated Oviatt Penthouse nestled in Downtown Los Angeles. You can really tell that Juliana and David has a great artistic touch.

Juliana, David, the guests and the wedding party was styled from head to toe. Everything about this wedding was just eye popping!

The love Juliana and David shared can be felt throughout. Every time they looked into each others eyes you can feel that they were truly in love through thick and thin. All the family and friends were a really close knit group of people who really care for each other and for Juliana and David.

We say this time and again but we at Cloud 9 Cinematography truly have the best couples!!! Congrats Juliana and David we wish nothing but the best for you guys!

Cinematography + Editing : Cloud 9 Cinematography
Photographer : Luisa Pelipetz
Cake / Dessert Artist : The Cupcake Boss
DJ : DJ Dan
Makeup Artist : Lorena Sanchez
Venue : Oviatt Penthouse

David also commended on my Vimeo account.

{Hey Jason and crew... thank you so much for the gorgeous video capturing the magnificence of our wedding day. I wanted to pass along a few of the comments we received from our friends and family:

Now that's a highlight reel! Awesome wedding man! I'm still sad we missed it. I even shed one man tear whilst watching it.

Outstanding! He captured the essence and beauty of the day! Love it!!!

Hi! The highlights from the wedding video was nothing short of AMAZING!! iiiiiieeeeeiiiiii Loved it!

Beautiful reel Dave. Never thought I'd see the day when I see you get teary-eyed (!)......what a fitting moment. I felt the love through the vid. It really captured you two. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice ! Thank you Julie for sharing this very beautiful video with us :-) What a great time we had on your memorable day.

Amazing wedding video!!! In the words of Joe Gehl "WOW" :)

Didn't want to compliment on it right away to keep you modest. But it was great. Half indie film/ documentary.

Jewelz! Thanks so much for this beautiful video! It was beautiful just like both of you. I was able to be on livestream when u got married. Thanks much on sending me this video! Que Jehova los siga bendiciendo! Mucho agape!

Omg! I love the video ! I have watched it 2 times and I cry each time, it is so beautiful :) awesome job who ever did this!

Most excellent, and yes - I got a bit choked..... Must have been the wonderful cinematography of course (couldn't have possible have been the Maziarz') lol

Amigo! That wedding video is absolutely amazing! So well put together and executed! Obviously tho, the video is only a snippet reflection of the excellence of the actual day which i thank thee and thy beloved for the honor to be invited.}

Saturday, January 14

Emilie + Tyler Wedding Highlight Film

Emilie + Tyler Wedding Highlight

Emilie + Tyler Wedding Short Film

We absolutely loved this wedding!!! Emilie and Tyler were so awesome!!!

Throughout the whole day you just feel the love and fun radiating out of these two. Everything they said and did was filled with love. All their friends and family were just as remarkable as they were too!

The wedding ceremony and reception took place at a lovely little place called Huron Substation. It provided a beautiful and very cozy atmosphere and the decorations were absolutely beautiful!

Emilie and Tyler we hope nothing but the best for you guys!!! We at Cloud 9 Cinematography had an AMAZING time!!!

Cinematography + Editing : Cloud 9 Cinematography
Wedding Planner : Fresh Events Company
Photographer : Kari Kochar
Cake Artist : Auntie Em's
Makeup Artist : Meiko at Kelly Zhang
DJ : DJ IG, Red Shoe LA
Venue : Huron Substation